The Site

Workers' shelter with green oak posts
The 15 acre field is on Hazelhurst Lane, one mile from the Lightwood roundabout on Sheffield ring road. It adjoins Newfield Spring Wood, which is already being managed for wildlife conservation and sustainable woodland production, and is very close to the existing Sheffield Organic Growers site, also on Hazelhurst Lane. This is a thriving cluster of independent organic growers, with a similar shared-infrastructure model, which offers further potential for local collaboration.

Hay meadow
The site faces south south-west, on an undulating slope from the lane to the bottom of the Moss valley. It includes wooded field margins, a small section of stream, and access to Hazelhurst Lane and the adjoining Newfield Spring Wood, as well as a public footpath along one side.

Newly planted apple tree in blossom
The land has been productive under conventional agricultural management, but has suffered from poor drainage and depletion of soil organic matter. It is currently being restored for the purposes of organic horticulture.